BRANDING… It’s all important, and it’s a huge part of what we do here at Sign Design GB.

Having a strong and consistent brand is vital to the success and growth of your business – and here’s why.

1. It Forms A Stronger Customer Bond –
Branding is the first impression your company will have on a prospect. A strong brand is able to express the importance of their drive, products, mission, policies or services to their customer base with good branding. In order to form a bond with the customer, a brand needs to be transparent and authentic. Branding is the combination of marketing and advertising elements that form a cohesive snapshot of a company. Without a good branding strategy, companies are not going to be able to express their nature to their customer base. As branding gives values and benefits insight into a company, it helps them form a bond. Customers are more likely to care about a brand when they understand what the direction of the company is and “buy-in” to the feeling the brand portrays.

2. It Creates Employee Advocates –
A company can get increased reach when their employees become advocates for the company. Employees are more likely to work harder and spread a positive message by word-of-mouth recommendation when they are proud to be part of their company. With a clear brand and supportive messaging, employees are more likely to share content and become brand advocates. This drives internal culture and gives employees a common message they can rally around.

3. It Supports Marketing and Advertising Efforts –
Great branding can make it easier for employees to do their jobs. With a clear company message and personality, branding makes the job of the marketing and advertising teams easier by providing a backbone for their efforts. Strong branding and content will establish materials that could be used by the sales and advertising team to support customer needs and improve the draw for new leads.

Vehicle Wrapping Design and Installation | Sign Design GB

4. It Drives a Higher Price Point –
Great branding makes a company more desirable to its target audience. A company like Starbucks or Apple is more valuable because of branding alone. While a product or service is important, it is the brand that makes the company stand out from the other companies in its industry. Good branding focuses on “why” a company does what it does. If your company can present a solid case for why you are doing what you do, then your customer base is more likely to pay top-dollar for it.

Vehicle Graphics

5. It Builds a Loyal Customer Base –
When your customers finally choose to convert and make a purchase, it is branding that will either make or break the relationship. If your customers have a good experience that doesn’t just end with the purchase decision, then they are more likely to return for future purchases. Loyal customers are more valuable, since your company only has to pay to gain the lead and get them through the sales funnel once. Great branding makes customers want to remain with the company and then tell others about their experience.

Here at Sign Design GB, we can ensure your company is seen by as many prospects as possible for all the right reasons – just get in touch to find out more.

Sign Design GB offers a comprehensive range of signage design, print and installation services.

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