Most catering safety signs revolve around hygiene and food safety considerations. In catering, safety signs must be placed where appropriate, they must be clear, and they must be easily read and understood. Signs are required where there’s a significant risk to the health and safety of employees – after other safety measures are put in place.

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Health & Safety Signage

Commercial kitchens and catering businesses must have safety signs and signals according to The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations of 1996, outlined by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. Signs have to be clear, legible and identify prohibited actions, safeguards, warn of hazards, or direct towards safety measures such as fire exits or equipment for fire safety or first aid.

Compliant Food Signage

Sign Design GB offers you all your kitchen and food production signage necessary to operate and comply safely with legal requirements and assist you in becoming fully compliant in the food production setting. We can also manufacture your information and wayfinding signage for easy access around your facility. As with all safety signage, we can create everything bespoke to your brand and size requirements. We'll design everything per your branding to make sure your kitchen or food production area looks perfect.


At Sign Design GB, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your signage design and installation needs. We cover a wide range of businesses in the food industry, from manufacturers, caterers, restaurants, pubs and cafes. What we are trying to say is, we've got the needed experience across a wide range of sectors. We have an on-site design team, who work with our estimating and installation teams to make sure you get the internal and/or external signage your premises needs. Not only do we serve some of the biggest names on Teesside, but we also work nationwide with some well known high street names.

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Sign Design GB offers a comprehensive range of signage design, print and installation services.

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