The work we do for the team over at razorblue is second to none. They are at the forefront of their sector and everything they do with your brand cements this.

Forward Thinking Design

Their vehicle graphics reflect how forward-thinking they are and the designs are one of the most creative we’ve been involved with.

Technical Print

The technical aspect of this job was extremely challenging at first as the designer supplied us with files which worked brilliantly on a flat-screen but not for the body of the vehicle.

The pattern would continue from one panel to another on the screen, but on the actual vehicle, it doesn’t quite work in the same way. Our in house designers were put to the test in amending the designs to make them suitable for use. They had great success in the end, and now when the vehicles land with us, it’s a much more straight forward process in preparing them.

Zero Damage Print

Once those challenges were out of the way it was down to our certified and very experienced wrappers to finish the job. A Razorblue vehicle is typically with us for 3 full days and no paint is left uncovered by the end of it.

Plastics are removed, bumpers removed, door handles disconnected, literally every bit of paintwork on the vehicle is wrapped, including the roof. Using only the best products, these vehicles are fitted with Arlon SLX, by a fully trained and certified vehicle wrapper, and printed in house on our HP latex 560.

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