Who We Are

Sign Design GB are unrivalled in Middlesbrough and the wider North East area for the creation of tailored signage. Specialising in the industry for as long as we have, with a variety of projects, has allowed us to exercise our manufacturing skills in different ways.

Sign Design GB

Our Team

We have a team that’s diverse in character, knowledge, expression and skill. This allows us to work on a diverse range of projects for all kinds of customers.

Previous work has required our team to adapt to the working environment, as some of our work can be found on shop fronts, commercial buildings, walls and vehicles. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons why we consider ourselves at the forefront of the sign industry, as no application is too demanding to work with.

Our Technology

Using state of the art technology, we have full capabilities to channel our creative thinking which enables us to make your visions come to life. Right from the project start, we listen to any specifications you have and utilise this knowledge to create our best work for you every time.

Whether you need graphics, signage, branding or wraps, Sign Design GB has the tools to produce professional, eye-catching products for your business.

Our Skills

Our team bring so many distinct, imaginative ideas to the table you’ll be spoilt for choice. They’ll help to see your design idea, logo, slogan or graphic form as a wrap or graphic on your chosen surface.


With your requirements in mind, our experienced team can piece together your project’s envisioned outcome.


Whatever the application, our ability and knowledge of manufacturing processes means your project’s in safe hands.


As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we ensure the installation of your project is timely and produced to the highest quality.

Sign Design GB offers a comprehensive range of signage design, print and installation services.

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Our Services

Sign Design GB also provide branding, design, print and installation services including:

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